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7 Stories, 7 Women, 7 Things I’ve Learned

Lucky-7-bookLucky 7 explores the relationship the author shares with 7 very different women.

Within each journey, the author learns a lesson about love, friendship, loss and hope from different points of view of these fascinating and earnest women. Lucky 7 will leave the reader re-examining the relationships they share with women from childhood to ‘a certain age’, the result of which is a renewed feeling of ‘cherish’.

EXTRAORDINARY! I was touched, moved and inspired not only by the lives of these amazing characters, but by Robert Montagnese’s lyrical and efficient expression of love for them all.

I absolutely loved this book. It was pure poetry. What a beautiful way to honor these women.

This respected advertising and fashion executive turned author reaches beyond workaday creativity with Lucky 7 a subtle literary collection of small-frame classy tributes to women on pedestals. The lost art of the indirect voice is applied to this cycle and the author appears to be influenced by the Raymond Carver fallacy: almost nothing happens = artful literature.

—Todd Mercer, Forward Reviews


April in Paris


April Rev.April in Paris is a collection of love poems written over 21 years for my Partner celebrating our Anniversary. Each 8 April since 1993 I have written him a poem commemorating the first time we said, “I love you” to one another.

April in Paris
May I ask to lead
June flowers so soft with
July smiles as
August delight in long summer nights
September once more to remember
November so bold with snow for
December to hope
January the new
February fire with the
March of spring magic
April in Paris with you.

The collection includes 21 poems celebrating the past 21 years and a collection of photographs of Paris.